Check Out The New Sony Xperia Z5 (TECHRADAR)

We just got the latest review from Techradar about the Sony Xperia. Mixed reviews as usual according to the snippet article below. Be sure to go to Techradar and read the full review.

” The Sony Xperia Z5 launched in the US today, with a few changes. We’ve revised our review to reflect the Android phone’s altered features.

Something feels different with the Sony Xperia Z5. After years of too-hasty handset updates from Sony with minimal enhancements (the Xperia Z3+ back in May was no exception), this finally feels like a worthwhile advance on the previous model.

The problem is, does anyone really need a new phone from Sony? The Xperia Z1only launched in 2013, the same year as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That’s not very long ago at all – one upgrade cycle for people stuck in two year contracts, who will now be getting a phone four iterations along the line if they stay Sony-loyal.

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But the Xperia Z5 feels like a different tack from Sony, and after the mess of the Xperia Z3+ it’s good to see some real change.

Sony has also followed Microsoft’s Windows 10 example and skipped a number, for the non-Japanese market at least: the Xperia Z3+ was called the Xperia Z4 in Japan, a muddle that the company has now resolved by jumping straight to Z5. ”


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How Tech Has Affected Entertainment

From a sort of “top/down” model where record labels and executives were the decision makers on what was released, when it was released, and what talent was discovered, to a globally connected marketplace where the decision makers now appear to be the consumers and even other artists themselves finding their own talent and starting their own labels, control over an artist’s music is shifting.

Artists are becoming more and more involved in multiple aspects of the industry; it’s not just about making music and selling records anymore. The technology of even artists making and producing their own beats From touring to merchandise, and artists themselves are hurting to find ways to make money, so they are exploring other outlets and possibilities. From free releases of their music to surprise album releases, artists are having to think outside of the box to keep the music going.

With diminishing income from actual songs, royalties have become king for many artists, and 2015 could be the year of a major shift in royalties. In early 2015,Congress will be reintroduced to the RESPECT Act, which will enable all digital performances of songs to become eligible royalty, including those before the cut off year of 1972. With the digitization of the industry, where record sales no longer make up a viable pay check, royalties are a bigger deal. And with up to 15% of the recordings played on Apollo digital radio services from 1972 and before, that can amount to about $60 million in royalties.

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